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Creative Design:  Our in-house graphics department is at your service.  Does your image need an upgrade?  Is your logo “old school” and doesn’t quite fit into the profile picture size that all the social networks use?  Not just for ad design, our graphics department can handle newsletter images, Facebook timeline pictures and tabs, flyers and other promotional material.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  Our “Lost and Found” department will help your business rank higher.  We start with an overview analysis for your business on all fronts including website content, specific keywords, and links coming into your site from reputable sources.  From there we can work with you, your web manager, or our in-house staff to get your business as close to the top as possible.  (Not everyone can be first.)  

Social Media Management:  There’s a whole group of people out there that think social media is fun!  For most small business owners, it’s just one more thing to contend with.  So many options, such a time commitment, and always changing.  Where to start?  We can guide you or do it for you.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Blogger, Wordpress.  Which channel is right for you?  Our team not only posts for you on a regular basis, but also manages all communication, photos and videos, links, Facebook’s Timeline image and tabs, and relevant cross posts, and will keep you informed on what you need to know.  All the while staying up do to date with the latest changes, because social media is never stagnant.

Email and SMS/MMS Marketing:  Newsletters are great, when you use them!  Do you have a list of contacts that you haven’t done anything with? We can make it happen.  From your business to their inbox.  A direct approach.  It works for texting too.  If you’re collecting email addresses you should be getting cell phone numbers as well.  Imagine your customer walking by your shop and reading a text that they can get 20% off their purchase in the next hour?  That’s a call to action!

Website Development and Management:  We do websites, from basic info to shopping carts, as well as the other third of the online market, mobile.  An we can manage it for you too.  When was the last time you updated your website?  If you’re afraid to answer, we can help!  We’ll get you current and even dynamic.  Google likes that and your customers will too.

Market Research and Analysis:  Not only can we help you in establishing your brand and identifying your customer, we also show you why it’s worth your investment.  The numbers don’t lie, but first you have to look at them.  We can sort through the information and show you in a language you understand what your return is.  We actually have staff that think analytics is more fun than social media.  How many Unique Visitors went to your site last month?

Promotion, Event, and Contest Management:  Do you have an upcoming sale?  Are you celebrating 5 years in business?  Does your social media need a contest to liven things up?  These are the kind of things that your customers love and you will too when you see the results.  We can manage this for you by getting the word out electronically and in print with our number one publication, The Conway Daily Sun, the local newspaper that is read by 17,000 people each day.

Video & Audio Production:  Yes, we do commercials too!  A 30-second shot for YouTube goes a long way, from your website to all your social networks to a little map listing called Google Places.  Google likes video and so do over 800 million unique users visiting YouTube each month.

Individual & Group Training Available:  We can customize a presentation for you or your team, at our place or yours.

Package Rates starting as low as $195/month!
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