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Tele-Talk Responses: What are the big issues for you this town meeting season?

What are the big issues for you this town meeting season?

Kudos for Dick Klement of the Conway School Board. That guy is awesome. He needs to move from Conway to Bartlett, get on the Bartlett School Board and take care of business in Bartlett too. What a great rant he said the other day. That’s the truth. It’s also a great moral issue.

One of the issues for me about this year’s town meeting is a number of people who have run before and who have not finished their term which they were voted in for. One of the people in particular running for planning board is Patricia Sell, and she has missed the last six months of meeings. I think it’s terrible that she or anyone else who cannot complete the term that they want to serve on has the audacity to put their name in again and want people to vote for them.

Two items bother me: The added police or the added salaries; and the chunk of change the library wants to correct their errors. Number 1, with the police it’s a waste of money to hire new ones or increase their salary because as far as I can see all they do is just clog the drive-thru of the three Dunkin Donuts in the area. As far as the library goes, all of those people, or most of them, are all transplants from Massachusetts. They’re all Democrats and they all voted for our new Congressman Kuster, who we pay $174,000 a year in salary. I suggest they call her and ask for a contribution to correct their woes, and if she refuses as her to call the White House and ask the community organizer for some Obama money to take care of their little problems. Stop dumping it onto taxpayers.

Why did a Jackson select board member verballyassault an independent citizen running for selectman at the post office Saturday? The candidate hasn’t aligned himself with any faction. Are they hiding something that a new member may find?

In Conway, the two meetings have been taken over by the teachers, Mary “Chamber Always Comes First” Seavey, Mike “Deep Pockets” DiGregorio, Dave “I abstain” Weathers, Mark “I’m for the Working Man” Hounsell, who has the incredible audacity to say it would be a “nice gesture” to approve the police and teachers labor agreements, the out-of-control spend crazy school board (except for Dick Klement), members of the budget committee who can’t spell no, and others of this infamous ilk.  As for the default budget being higher than the regular budget, that’s a scam of monumental proportions that allows the tax payer few, if any, options. Why even bother to attend? Hey, how about someone showing me and the rest of the struggling taxpayers a “nice gesture” and pay our taxes for us? Conway.

The big issue is budgets, extravagant entitlement spending and overspending on school budgets! Spending has reached a dangerous level. America is 17 trillion in debt; 6 trillion alone added over the last four years under Obama, and another 5 trillion to be added during his next four years!  America is borrowing billions in new debt just to pay the old debt! What family in their right mind does that?  You can’t survive that financial strategy?  California is bankrupt! Massachusetts is 8 billion in debt! And many others are bankrupt or going bankrupt! And guess what? In Massachusetts they are actually proposing to tax it’s citizens for every mile they drive! That is a fact! Is that where this great state is heading? You must start cutting budgets. Serious cuts! Either that, or go bankrupt. You can’t keep taxing the people to death; the well has run dry! There was a revolution over 200 years ago, don’t think it can’t happen again! Could a citizenry stand up and refuse to pay? I beg the voting public to choose your elected officials carefully; fiscal responsibility is job number 1.
Money money money.

Two big issues: First, why are small towns like Eaton being asked to contribute $3,000 to the defunct Carroll County Public Transportation when there is no service here and no need? Second, why are we being asked to support the radical “We the People” group effort to restrict funding for our first amendment right of free speech?

It’s important for people who care about the future of our children to support the school budgets. There are some folks for whom the quality of education means absolutely nothing. Their only interest is in lowering taxes by slashing school funds, regardless of the impact it has on students. This is shameful, but thankfully there are plenty of parents and other community members who understand that children should be valued and their success in school and life should not be jeopardized.

The following Tele-Talk response was posted on The Conway Daily Sun’s Facebook page.

I think the school budget is too high and could use a lot of trimming. When you have items on the list like a $5,000 football sled; $71,000 administrative teacher; $30,000-plus assistant. We should be paying teachers, not administrators. What is the ratio of students to a teacher? What is the cost per student? I would like to see what those numbers are and compare them with other districts. This budget should be gone through line by line, and compared with last year’s actual expense. What’s the cost of providing all sports and trips for Kennett High School? I bet that would be a surprising figure. Perhaps instead of them telling us how much they need and always getting it, maybe we should be telling them how much they’re getting, and they have to live within those means. After all, we have to.
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