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Tele-Talk Responses: What’s the economic outlook for Mount Washington Valley?

There were 10 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: “What’s the economic outlook for Mount Washington Valley?”

The economic outlook for the Mount Washington Valley is very bleak. It doesn’t matter what the things said last week in the paper were and how good things are, but they’re not. Take it from people who are struggling, trying to pay their rent. It’s very bleak, very sad, and it’s going to be so for a very long time.
Well I think it’s a very positive outlook. Things are getting better. How about turning the streetlights back on in the valley? Also on Thompson Road?
I think the economic outlook is depressing. New Hampshire is proposing a gas tax of 18 cents a gallon — not a good idea. Whether you work for minimum wage or are on a fixed income, the increase in school and police budgets make paying property taxes a real burden. If the gas tax does go through, I hope the Department of Transportation will at least repair the East Conway Road, because it’s just deplorable.
I think it depends on who you are. For instance the future could be very, very bright for those people who are on the dole. It could be very bleak for the middle class who have to suffer the high gas prices, high insurance prices, home heating oil prices that are out of sight, food prices that are going up. Matter of fact, I see more people at the mark-down sections in Shaw’s than I’ve ever seen before. And on the other side of the fence, for instance, the very wealthy, for instance like our recently elected Congresswoman, Ann Kuster, who we pay ⅕ of a million dollars in salary in benefits. Those two extremes, those on the dole and the very, very wealthy like Ann Kuster will survive. But you must keep in mind that the future of the country itself is very bleak because the messiah wishes to destroy America as it is known. So the word prosperity will be one that is just in our imaginations and no one will ever know in the future what it means. So, in concluding, the real destroyer of our immediate future will be the high price of gasoline.
I think the economic outlook for the Mount Washington Valley is very, very sad. And when you have somebody like Michael Digregorio on the board of selectmen — he has no idea what the normal working person has to go through and the value of a dollar. Even though I don’t always agree with Bill Marvel, I would love to see him run for selectman sometime because I think he’d do a very good job.

If you don’t have money you’re not a free man.

My outlook for the valley is like the old adage, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” The business community continues to rake in the profits and keep asking for more and more in the way of town and school school services while the working class, mostly service workers struggle to get by. While the Obama administration continues to print money inflating food and gas prices and running up an obscene amount of debt,  the uninformed consumer doesn’t have a clue that their future is bleak. They believe the rhetoric being spewed out by most media outlets. My prediction for the economic outlook for the valley will be a severe recession by the end of the president’s second term unless more people get involved and boot out the spenders in the next election.

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Better than last year.
More big box stores, chain hotels and half empty strip malls.
Loss of the soul this area use to have. No matter the economy, the charm is being lost.
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