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Tele-Talk responses: “Do you support a $5,000 article to have the town fund and operate the ice-skating rink in Schouler Park?”

There were 19 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: “Do you support a $5,000 article to have the town fund and operate the ice-skating rink in Schouler Park?”  Eleven people supported the article; eight did not.

No I don’t support the article. Here’s an idea: Why don’t we have some of these local businesses that are making money hand over fist donate their dollars to support it. And then we could take some of the local hoodlums that are in the court every week, that get released because the district court down there doesn’t do their job, and have them volunteer their time and work there. That’s what I think. That way everybody will get a fair shake and be able to use it.

Let them have the $5,000 for the skating rink in Schouler Park; $5,000 is not a lot of money. I’m 86 years old; I have seen that ice rink there since I was a child. We are a resort town. We do need the rink it the middle of the park. It’s a historic landmark. Five thousand dollars? Drop in the bucket.

Yes, I support this article. It’s the right thing to do for the visitors and for the valley’s children. This shouldn’t take them more than two seconds of thought to have it part of town operations. And just as important, in my opinion, is this should be a simple low-cost gesture of thanks to the businesses that bring tourists to the valley, pay your bills, taxes and salary. There are people in the valley who manipulate gossip, politics and who’s getting thrown under the bus this month. So how about using your influence and being real big shots and start straightening out the valley. The joke’s on you.

If we can afford to plow the sidewalks, we certainly can afford to have the ice rinks taken care of. I’m calling from Center Conway.

No I do not support the article for the skating rink. Since when does it cost $5,000 to sprinkle some water around the field and let it freeze.

Definitely not. The town shouldn’t be involved; they’re only going to get sued. I can’t understand these selectmen; I’m glad they’re not doing it. These people that are out there wanting to get the town money, that’s awful. They should support their own private entertainment.

Of course we should. The town is a mecca for the winter visitors and the town should support it.

Yes, I support the town article to have town funding for the ice rink in Schouler Park. As  stated and shown in previous pictures and stuff, that rink’s been here for generations. Just the controversy alone is a black eye for the town and the selectmen. Not everybody can use Ham Arena and go by the hours. It’s a shame there’s any controversy at all. That rink has been such a draw over the years and the handling of it has just been a terrible insult. Get it back up. Get it back  going and keep it going.

Of course they should support the skating rink. How many towns are lucky enough to have a wonderful rink right in the center of town, just like Currier and Ives. Come on guys, get with it. It’s about time to wake up. This is Linda.

We do not support a $5,000 article to fund and operate the ice skating rink. The Schouler Park rink is wonderful; it should be supported by the community celebrations committee and the North Conway Water Precinct. The village establishments that benefit from the tourist visits could help donate funds. The town should not take the liability of managing the rink. If the town ends up funding this rink, the money must come out of the fat police or school budgets.

It seems that the town fathers are rather lazy because there is so much money and so much wealth in this town. A good example would be why doesn’t the town approach the major construction companies in town that make millions of dollars? Or how about the major law firms in this town? There are three or four law firms that report millions of income and yet do nothing in a philanthropically. Or even the politicians we recently voted in? Congresswoman Ann Kuster, who now we find out fails to pay her property taxes. Let’s knock on her door and say can you give us $5,000. And how about Settler’s Green? And we can go on and on. There is a wealth of money that this town could tap into but the town fathers are too lazy. How about The Conway Daily Sun? Ninety-five percent of you are Democrats; why don’t you call the White House and ask for some Obama money?

Yes, I feel the voters of the town of Conway should approve the $5,000 to go toward the ice rink in Schouler Park. Don’t take away something from the past, now and in the future — one of North Conway’s beautiful landmarks. This is from a longtime resident who pays taxes to the town of Conway.

Yeah, sure, what the heck, why not?  It’s only a minuscule, piddling, measly little 5,000 bucks. This is Dave in North Conway.

The skating rink is a North Conway tradition and the $5,000 to keep it open will be well worth it. When the voters were told that the new union-supported teachers contract will cost almost $500,000,  they didn’t blink an eye, but now are balking at keeping the skating rink open for just $5,000. The rink benefits everyone not just the teachers. I say vote down the bloated teachers’ contract and spend the $5,000 to keep the rink open.

I absolutely do not support this tax add-on. Let the chamber pay for it or the North Conway Preservation Group. Better yet, let Selectmen DiGregorio and Seavey pay for it since they seem to think the taxpayer’s pockets are as deep as the Grand Canyon. These two are spending machines with no sense of fiscal responsibility. Nauseated.

I am a member of the Community Celebrations Committee and I think there is a misunderstanding that this committee would continue to fund the skating rink after this year. The Community Celebrations Committee was created with the intent of bringing together town, community and business leaders to support of the following specific community celebrations:  the tree lighting in Conway, the tree lighting in Schouler Park, the Christmas and Fourth of July parades, July 4th and New Year’s Eve Fireworks and holiday decorations in the villages. Funding a skating rink does not fit into this specific definition of “community celebrations” but since the skating rink was not likely to open this year without help, members decided to embrace a special fund-raising effort for the rink. Business and foundation support provided funding necessary for the town of Conway to rebuild the warming hut, update the heater, ramp, and add benches so the rink could open. With continuing support from the North Conway Water Precinct, the ice continues to be flooded and maintained. The Conway Recreation Department is also now staffing the rink, which has increased safety at the rink. With this work done and continuing support from North Conway Water Precinct, the town estimates it needs $5,000 to run the rink next year, hence the $5,000 warrant article. I urge voter support of this warrant article. Skating is recreation, and most town rinks are supported by the towns. The Schouler Park Rink provides an inexpensive winter recreation option for local kids, giving them something constructive and healthy to do. Visitors skate too, and our rink is just one more reason for visitors to visit and spend money in the Valley, supporting our local economy. I theorize that local skaters getting their start at Schouler Park Skating Rink too may go on to join hockey teams or clubs or have skating birthday parties at the Ham Arena and support this local non-profit. Additionally, there is something nostalgic about skating on an outdoor rink in Schouler Park; it keeps alive a romantic tradition that provides one more reason for visitors to visit and people to move here like I did. Melody Nester.

The following Tele-Talk responses were posted on The Conway Daily Sun’s Facebook page:

Can they turn my street light back on first? It’s darker than the inside of my pocket over here!

Just get rid of it already. No one will miss it, just like no one misses the one that was in Conway Village years ago, either.


Keep it! This area is already getting lost with those with memories of how it all was. Does this area really want to lose it completely? What do you think drives people to this area? Lose it, and you’ll lose it all! I moved up here because of being here as a child and now it’s more becoming the norm, instead of Norman Rockwell. Shame on the whole area, for losing the personality and soul of this area!
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