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Tele-Talk Responses: Is security lacking in local schools, and should more money be allocated for security?

There were 16 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: “Is security lacking in local schools, and should more money be allocated for security?” Fourteen people said no to spending more money on security; five people said yes.

Good grief! Are will killing the taxpayer of Conway and North Conway again? Good grief! We do not need more baloney money added to this budget. Enough is enough. A taxpayer in North Conway.

No, security is not lacking in our schools and no more money should be allocated for security. Everyone is overreacting to one crazy person.

Being more familiar with the high school, there’s always improvements that could be made for security. But what concerns me is the threat that’s within the school. It’s any time you take a walk down the corridors, particularly during a change of classrooms, and you look at the students. I’d say at least a quarter of them dress so poorly, particularly the females, they look like street trash, that they look like they’ve just been released from prison. There seems to be no standard in the school as far as dress goes. And these are the people we should be concerned about. Having detectives entering the building will not take care of the problem that could be within the school itself. So it’s very important that teachers or administrators or someone have a gun. Now this can easily be encouraged by offering a teacher or administrator a $1 more a year in salary or other incentives could be provided. And the cost of these guns and added security can be taken out of the teachers’ salaries. Let them take a 5 percent cut in salary and this money can be used to buy all the security equipment and this way the teachers and the students will be feeling much more safer. However, if that cannot be done since the teachers and the teacher union all voted for the messiah, they should call the White House and ask for Obama money.

Great idea but only if the money can be taken out of another area in the budget. Continual over-reaction-add-ons are like rabbits; they continue to multiply in a way that would make Malthus happy. This fiscal insanity must end. Hmm, maybe the school board members could weigh in on this one. Totally Disgusted.

Absolutely not. There are so many other things that $12,000 could be more constructively spent on. These days it seems almost every week there is another budget problem, or the district can’t seem to find the money to pay quality teachers, purchase necessary upgrades, or perform basic services. What real security threats has any school in this area ever seen? Spending that money on programs that improve the lives of students, such as Tin Mountain and other extra curricular activities would be a much wiser investment. If there was a surplus, that’s one thing; but when each and every tax dollar is hard to find, we must ask ourselves: Is this really in the best interests of the students? This is Ben in North Conway.

The following Tele-Talk responses were posted on The Conway Daily Sun’s Facebook page:

No, no it’s not.

I like that you have to get “buzzed in” at Kennett middle and high schools, but there is nothing like that at the elementary schools. Anyone can walk right in. Scary!

Let’s remember that we live in a safe country where violence is an anomaly, not the norm. No need to be afraid.

How about instead of spending millions on trying to make the schools safe from people with guns, we make it harder for people to get guns to use to shoot people in schools and treat their mental illness so they don’t want to shoot kids in schools? Mandatory gun registration and regulation on how many you can have, what type you can have and you have to lock them up when you aren’t actively using them alongside increased funding/insurance coverage for mental health. Let’s treat the illness not the symptom.

Kennett has a decent system but not the elementary schools.

Better security. We do not live in a safe community anymore. No one does. We are not safe from children who are sad, medicated, angry and have access to guns. Changing the gun laws will not change the minds of the creepy and crazy.

When did this Tele-Talk question ask if you wanted gun control? I believe the question was relevant to the security of our schools, not how hard it should be or how many guns my “lovely” government allows me to have. If the government has it his way, only the criminals and drug gangs would have guns and you would be their prey!

At Kennett High, no one will get past YaYa! She’s awesome!

Someday YaYa will retire. But, yes, she does a fantastic job and is always polite.

The simple answer to a complicated question is yes and yes. Elementary school staff have known this for a very long time. The Albany School Board shared their concerns during several meetings in 2009. Minutes can be found at http://www.albanynh.org/schoolboard/documents/June2009SB.pdf. As well as http://www.albanynh.org/schoolboard/documents/August2009SB.pdf

Where, specifically, are we going to find the money to pay for this? Maybe when we can afford to pay teachers a decent salary, this should be revisited.
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