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Tele-Talk responses: Do you support the new Conway teachers’ contract?

There were 10 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: “Do you support the new Conway teachers’ contract?” Two people said they support the contract; eight said they do not.

I think the teachers at Kennett High School and in the Mount Washington Valley do one heck of a job but I think they need to step back and all those union members and realize that the country’s in trouble and they need to bite the bullet. Everybody else in the private sector is having to do that and it’s time for them to do that. And maybe a few years from now and things turn around and we finally get a change in the White House, it’ll make a big difference.

I absolutely do not support the new contract. You need a merit-based pay system for teachers. If Conway gives this up, they’ll never get it back. Teachers will continue to get raises even if they do not perform at an exceptional level and cost the private sector a lot of money. Vote no.

No contract with the National Education Association is a good, fair contract.

Have you ever counted how many aids and office personnel there are in the school system. Why aren’t the teachers doing their job. It seems as if there are more aids than teachers. I think they could save money by cutting some of the extra help. How much do they pay toward health insurance. Why do they need the best plan there is when the ones paying for this, which are the taxpayers, often do not have any coverage for this because they cannot afford this on the valley wages. Conway taxpayer.

Yes, I definitely support the teachers’ contract. In order to become a teacher you have to spend a minimum of $110,000 to $250,000 acquiring the education and training that is necessary to become a certified teacher. They are also effectively unable to earn a living for at least four years, which means they had to forego another $100,000 in income. This means they start out at $210,000 to $350,000 in the hole compared to a high school graduate who immediately goes to work. Most have large student loans to repay for being educated and trained to be able to teach. For all of this effort, they earn less than a dump worker, a cop or a postal worker. They also work at least 50 hours a week at preparation, classroom presentations, correcting tests and other papers and taking courses to maintain their certification and professional credentials. They should start at at least $40,000 per year.

I do not support this new teachers contract, basically because I do not know what the Social Security Index is. How many of your readers actually do? The Conway School Board was intimidated by the union, thugs, the NEA, the teachers union — and just gave in. Now this has got to stop. I can’t even afford to go to McDonald’s anymore. McDonald’s did away with the dollar menu and everything is 19 to 30 cents more. Now if you go to the gas station, the gas goes up 3 or 4 cents every day, and I’m just supposed to have to pay a new teacher a $500 increase? This is absolutely ridiculous. Now, I was told by Obama; I was told by our new governor, Hassan; I was told by Sen. Shaheen that the middle class were not going to get a tax increase. I got a tax increase of $58 per month. Now, what’s that all about? The poor folks of Conway and North Conway constantly being lied to. Now if the Conway School Board wants to increase teachers salaries, let them pay for it, or give a call to the White House, get some Obama money.

I don’t support the Conway teachers’ contract. I believe that there should be two causes on whether they get a pay raise or not: One, it should be are our students’ scores higher or lower from the previous year that they taught, and the other thing is it should be it should be tied to the cost of living that the Social Security Index provides. So when they’re talking about a 10 percent increase in the school budget then the homeowners, which are an aging group of individuals, don’t get a 10 percent cost of living raise, then they shouldn’t get a 10 percent cost of living raise. So whatever the cost of living raise is, that’s what the teachers should get. They’re not princesses and princes. They’re supposed to be doing a job for us, but we’re like hands off and they can do anything they want. It’s wrong.
When the union president says, “This was one of the better bargaining sessions we’ve had,” you know the taxpayers have just been had. With the inept amateurish school bargainers at the table, you can rest assured that it can only mean bad news when we get our tax bill. No bargaining session with a union in the year 2013 should be perceived as “good and fair.” Whatever happened to saying “no?” This smells of the naive  buffoonery of Dick Klement. Let’s hope the budget committee sees through this chicanery and doesn’t recommend it, keeping in mind that some on the budget committee like Mike DiGregorio will mindlessly support anything brought forward by the school at the taxpayer’s expense. Nauseated.

Yes, I absolutely support the teachers contract. Both sides met and came up with an agreement that is fair. There is absolutely no reason not to support this contract.

Who cares anymore?  Year after year the school system, under Nelson, comes to the taxpayers for more money; $1.5 million, $2 million,  $1.3 million; we want higher starting salaries, better insurance, lower deductibles, more staff, shorter school year, more time off; more, more, more; give me, give me, give me.  Meanwhile, enrollment is declining? Why? Because young families can’t afford to live here anymore. Anywhere but here! I would never recommend my kid live in Conway! They bleed you dry in Conway! Nelson, the pathetic administrator, and aggressive supporters like Paul Baer have destroyed the lives of so many seniors who have been pushed out of their homes because they can’t afford the high taxes on their fixed incomes. I don’t blame the school system; they only care about what they can get; sadly that’s human nature.  It’s the voters who continue to approve these ridiculous budgets, and half of them are not taxpayers! Only taxpayers should get to vote! I am all for education, but what you spend in Conway is completely out of control. You can get the job done for less. A lot less! But Nelson, and Baer, and the rest of them have you believing it’s about the money! Just like the federal government, the whole system will collapse soon, and unfortunately, that’s what is going to have to happen in order to correct things. As for the teachers’ contact; sure why not; I’ve already moved!

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