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Sonia Voegtlin: Thanks for reminding us that society has become overly sensitive

To the editor:
Thanks so much to Alec Kerr for the review of Seth MacFarlane’s hosting of the Oscars.  Misunderstood indeed! You hit it right on! A friend emailed me having the same reaction as so many and included Mary Davison’s New Yorker article. I wrote back and said that if there was a problem, it was with the powers to be that decided on MacFarlane. He was doing what he does ... crossing the line.  I would expect the same from George Carlin (oh how I miss him!) had he been hosting it. Carlin by the way said once that his job as a comedian was to find the line and cross it. Thank you Mr. Kerr for reminding everyone who reads your column that society has indeed become overly sensitive and politically correct. Amen and Right On!  P.S. I will be sending your article to my friend.
Sonia Voegtlin
West Ossipee
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