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Peggy Johnson: Please keep protections for our good water

To the editor:
I cannot do with simple abandon what many a landowner might, including dump leaves in my boggy areas to ‘claim’ them for other purposes, because they are an important and protected part of the recharge system. They have been for years, I learned long ago, when I thought a little fire pond would be nice for my kids to dabble in, over there where water is seeping anyway. I learned it was not wise or allowed. I then started to understand and value wetlands for the work they do for us.
I am very much in favor of supporting our wetlands ordinances (by voting no on articles 2 and 3 on voting day). And I think it is important to point out that the 25-foot buffer zones we require in Tamworth are quite small. Current science and the state recommend four times that much, 100 feet. Please help keep what protections we have for our good water sources. Vote no on articles 2 and 3 on March 12.
Peggy Johnson
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