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Mary Canty: I believe in facts, not rumors in Jackson controversy

To the editor:
What happened to Jackson? It used to be a nice quiet town. People respected one another and their opinions. Not so today!
I have lived in Jackson for 43 years. I consider myself a concerned and informed resident. I have attended numerous selectmen’s meetings past and present. I think the current selectmen are doing an excellent job serving the residents with honesty and respect. The meetings are like a breath of fresh air ... open discussions and a deep concern for finding common ground to solve problems. The current selectmen do not hold “illegal town meetings” at the local deli like the previous selectmen allegedly did and still do.
There have been rumors spread around town how the selectmen have handled the Diane Falcey fiasco. There are always two sides to consider and it’s difficult when one side is legally bound not to discuss this matter. We should respect that decision and not let unfounded rumors run rampant.
With Regard to Willis Kelley, the town moderator, the facts as he stated, speak for themselves. Not “he said,” “she said” rumors. A letter to Mr. Kelley from the state attorney general was withheld from him for two weeks; the N.H. attorney general’s letter supported the decision of the moderator. That’s a fact. The issue is electioneering within 200 feet of the voting place. Frank Benesh has decided to seek legal recourse now; he is not satisfied with being told he could not solicit votes wherever he wanted. Is this what our town has become? We can’t solve issues without threat of a law suit.
With regard to Dave Mason’s recent attack article about the transfer station, I would like to state that if it wasn’t for Jerry Dougherty’s negotiations with Bartlett, we wouldn’t have our current transfer station to dump our garbage, we’d be dealing with a law suit, not enjoying the friendly relations we’ve always had with Bartlett. The terms are favorable to both towns. That’s the way neighbors should treat one another.
Also, at the recent budget hearing, Jerry Dougherty presented a concise and thorough outlook for the future of the town while at the same time reducing the tax rate. He has saved the town from real and frivolous law suits by knowing the law. He is not one to kick the can down the road. He faces a problem full on and deals with it.
There is a difference between fact and rumor. Ask questions, become informed, be concerned and talk to the selectmen.
Jerry Dougherty IV has handled himself like a gentleman at all times, especially in the face of political adversity. I am here to defend him, one of many concerned and informed residents of Jackson. I believe in facts, not rumors.
Mary Canty
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