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Jerry Dougherty III: Jackson in turmoil since Funicella, Mason were selectmen

To the editor:
Jackson has been in turmoil politically since Mr. Funicella and Mr. Mason were selectmen. While they were in office there had been documented mistreatment of town employees, including harassment and terminations. A high rate of tax increase occurred under their administration, the initiation of law suits resulting in unnecessary expenses and harsh treatment of several home owners. I suggest you research what the concept of an affirmative defense is, and how and why one homeowner was denied the protection of an affIrmative defense. An action against Bartlett was brought by Funicella and Mason resulting in ill will between the towns and legal expense.
Mr. Mason has on occasion stormed out of public meetings and Mr. Funicella would beat on the conference table with the gavel out of frustration.
Mr. Funicella demonstrates a lack of understanding of law regarding town governance and while Mr. Mason seems to have a better understanding of law, as a selectman, his actions often demonstrated contempt for due process.
I accept that there are residents of Jackson who support Mr. Funicella and Mr. Mason’s brand and their criticizing of the current board and more specifIcally my son Jerry. I accept that to mischaracterize is part of politics. I get it.
I have difficulty accepting; however the points Sam and Betsey Harding made in their letter to The Conway Daily Sun. Their charge of “possibly even illegal “with regard to non-public meetings, is both non-specifIc and without merit. The current board is the first board to set forth a written policy and adhering to it for entering nonpublic. The number of nonpublic is consistent with previous boards (I reviewed six years of minutes and counted) this board has unsealed volumes of minutes of “controversial issues.” The second charge of firing a “excellent town administrator” the Harding’s know that the selectmen are not permitted to discuss the matter in public, however it is on the public record that Diane Falcey had on many occasions at selectman meetings repeatedly argued in a rude aggressive manner and with selectman on matters of vacation record keeping, job description development, tax payer abatement issues and zoning matters.
The idea of an arbitrator is completely false, an investigator was hired not an arbitrator, to investigate a grievance leveled at my son, if the grievance was found to have any merit, that fact would have been required to be made public, in as much as nothing was made public, only one conclusion may be made, no merit to the grievance.
Sam and Betsey Harding know their charges are false, they have known my son since he was a boy, they know first hand how my son even as a boy stood up for other kids who were bullied. Sam and Betsey you have the right to vote for whom you wish. I just wish you were truthful. You have lost my respect.
Jerry Dougherty III
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