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George Howard: I will vote for Jerry Dougherty for Jackson selectman

To the editor:
I will vote for Jerry Dougherty.
I have worked with, listened to, read minutes of his meetings and in general followed his performance as our selectmen and will wholeheartedly support Jerry Dougherty for another term as our selectman.
Jerry is a principled person, logical in his approach to problem solving and disciplined to the authority in the statues in making decisions with protecting the rights of the individual a key element. These character traits were clearly evident in addressing and resolving two court-bound issues he inherited when taking office. Though each case was markedly different in each case under his leadership the board focused on the basic issue, worked directly with the resident not through a lawyer but seeking council as appropriate, and resolved the problem while stopping the planned court litigation. While the savings to the town were significant the bonus was the renewed confidence of the town residents in receiving fair treatment from their government.
There is a generational aspect that must be considered in this election. Jerry and the board is representative of today’s generation as they have diverse occupations, are challenged to make ends meet in support of their families, pay taxes and plan for children’s college. Hence they are keenly aware of the impact of their decisions on their contemporaries as well as the town electorate. Individuals of a generation or two ago would not have that same connection to today’s working electorate. While their council when requested could be helpful their participation in town government would not necessarily make a helpful contribution as their basis for decision making is dated drawn from a long ago occupation. I put myself in this category.
We have an excellent board and the town will be the beneficiary of their continued serving. I am going to vote for Jerry Dougherty to keep this team intact and strongly encourage our voters to do the same.
George Howard
Carter Notch
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