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Joan Heysler: Please come to annual Bartlett school meeting March 5

To the editor:
In his most recent letter,  Mr Villaume referred to “hysterical rhetoric of the Bartlett School administration.” Where he has encountered hysteria?  I have listened to the administration, and have read  the information that has been presented to the public.  The facts are presented as nothing more than numbers and useful information.
Mr. Villaume suggests that the administration is using scare tactics and is threatening to take away popular programs.  This is simply not so.  The administration has worked tirelessly to present the community a budget that preserves the culture of Josiah Bartlett Elementary School, and is 2.27 percent less than the current budget. Mr. Villaume suggests a budget $600,000 lower. This does not respect the culture or value of our school. Obviously, cuts would need to happen and some things cannot be cut, so, those cuts could effect programs like French or jazz band.  This cut would negatively affect the culture of our school and decrease the overall success of our students, and consequently the school’s value to our community.
At the budget hearing, someone suggested that taxpayers should consider the return on their investment.  Bartlett taxes are considerably lower than many in New Hampshire. In 20 years I have not seen huge increases in my property taxes. Here’s what I know about my investment: I have a 12-year old son who has already presented data at a University of New Hampshire symposium in the Maple Watch Program.  I have a 5 year old son who knows John James Audubon and why he was important. I know a Bartlett graduate who competes at the international level in his sport; one in law school; one who is dining room manager at a local hotel; and one perfecting her craft at the North Bennet Street School in Boston.  I am greeted positively by Bartlett graduates in businesses all over the valley.  These amount to a really good return on my investment!
Voters of Bartlett, you know these graduates, too — the return on your investment. Please come out the annual school budget meeting on March 5 and support the proposed budget.  Vote to maintain the culture of our school; maintain its value which reflects on the value of our community as a whole.
Joan Heysler
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