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To the editor:
One of  The Conway Daily Sun’s most prolific writers of letters to the editor, Laura Slitt, has recently restated her distaste of eating animals for food. As I read her letter, I became intrigued with her philosophical question: Does she believe in God? Or perhaps does she think God made a mistake?
If she believes in God, then she must admit that God created all men (and women). That must mean that God created Eskimo, Inuit, Aleuts and the other people who live in the far north, way above the arctic circle.
My readings about these people indicate that their main supply of food was meat. Even today, with modern means of transportation, it is still mainly meat. Therefore, if God created these people, God should have known what he (or she) was doing.
So, it appears that God believes that it is alright for mankind to eat meat.
Apparently Laura Slitt does not agree with God on this matter. Of course, if Laura Slitt does not believe in God, then she should have no problem.
Then again, if she believes in God, perhaps she thinks God made a mistake in making people who only have meat to eat in order to survive.
On the other hand, if Ms. Slitt believes that evolution led to the development of  various mankinds, then she’ll have to accept the fact that people in the far  north had to adapt to their environment, which meant eating meat as a means of survival.
When my wife and I recently drove to far northern Alaska to Prudhoe Bay, we didn’t see any vegetable gardens north of the Arctic Circle.
Also, I seldom (never) see any vegetables coming from the Arctic Circle. So, I wonder if Ms. Slitt can explain why God would put people way up north if God meant them to eat vegetables where there are essentially no vegetables to eat.
Also, if God, by his (her) actions, made it mandatory for far northern dwellers to eat meat as a means of survival, why shouldn’t others have the same option? After all, aren’t all men (and women) created equal?
Richard M. Chrenko

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the wishes of the nuclear industry so it is up us to protect our own families. Congress and President Obama won't.

I have officially requested of State Senator Bruce E. Tarr, Rep. Bradford R. Hill, Governor Deval Patrick, Governor Maggie Hassan, U.S. Sen. Edward Markey, U.S. Sen. Jeanne Sheehan, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren to endorse We The People's investigation and hearing before the Massachusetts and New Hampshire State Police, in coordination with chiefs of police and other officials from the towns within 10 mile radius of Seabrook Station should testify to the fact if Seabrook Nuclear Plant blew up on July 3, 4 or 5th evacuation is not possible.

In over 50 interviews with state and local police from both states I continue to get the same response, "There is no way we can evacuate people safely we are all a goner." 

The only responses I have gotten so far from elected officials I have come from state Sen. Tarr, Rep. Hill and Gov. Patrick, who have unofficially endorsed We The People's call for this investigative hearing. I have been told by all three that they plan to officially endorse We The People's call any day now. I am still awaiting a response from the other above elected officials I mentioned earlier in this letter.

Given what former and present workers have told We The People about falsification of welds and the fact that Seabrook was built with counterfeit substandard parts, which We The People first brought to light, there is a very good chance there will be a nuclear disaster in the United States, which could happen any day because of the way our nuclear plants have been built and the way they are being operated.

I know there are still bogus parts present in all five of Florida Power and Light nuclear plants including their plant in Seabrook.

The American people have already had three wake up calls as a result of disasters and cover-ups at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and in Japan. As a result of the Fukushima disaster, Japan admits they have lost land for 10,000 years. If Seabrook station blows up we could lose New England for a 1,000 years. I do not want anyone taking this risk with everything I love and have worked for.

I want to do everything I can to prevent any disaster from happening in the United States and beyond instead of having to react to one.

 In the meantime, I request citizens from across both states and beyond to make their voices heard by calling and writing their representatives to endorse this investigative hearing. 

We The People is supplying signs to anyone who wants to join in this effect of making democracy work by displaying We The People's sign on their property or areas in their town where political signs are approved like they are during elections. Many of our signs are already up in Ipswich, Rowley, Newbury, Newburyport, Amesbury, Salisbury, Seabrook and Weirs Beach.

They will be held up in South Korea and Japan where I have been asked to speak during my stay from Aug. 1-14, concerning my experiences of cover-ups within the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and unsafe conditions at U.S. Nuclear Civilian and Weapon Plants.

The We The People's signs are the colors of our glorious America flag with the demand "President Obama Protect U.S. Democracy: Investigate the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Congress" on the other side.

By the way the signs were made In the USA! Let's prove to our children and grand grandchildren Democracy is alive and well in America! The signs are going like hot cakes so if you want one, please contact us soon by e-mail in Rowley, Mass., at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

Stephen B. Comley Sr., founder of We The People, a national whistleblower non-profit organization

Rowley, Mass.


To the editor:

Columnist William Marvel in his July 21 column decries the Obamacare mandate that he carry health insurance.  He and I probably dislike the ACA for much the same reason — it isn’t reform, it further enshrines employer provided health insurance as most Americans under 65 get health insurance and it will make it that much harder to ever get a single payer system.

Where we part company is his statement, “The liberty to gamble that a healthy lifestyle will avoid most illness has been supplanted by the obligation to pay premiums inflated by the negligence of millions who do not take care of themselves.”  While people who follow an unhealthy lifestyle do usually consume more health care, the idea that most people who follow a healthy lifestyle never get sick or require medical care is patently absurd.  And not smoking, exercising regularly and eating your broccoli won’t stop you from falling off a ladder or twisting an ankle.

And if Mr. Marvel shows up at the emergency room and has no insurance and cannot pay he’ll receive treatment any way.  Treatment that everybody who pays taxes or for health insurance has to pay for.

So here is a suggestion Mr. Marvel might like.  Amend the ACA to allow people to opt out of carrying health insurance PROVIDED they also agree that if they show up at a hospital or doctor’s office and can‘t pay for the treatment they need they don’t get it. Period.

Robert C. Sawyer


To the editor:
It is quite amazing to read some of the rants by the local Marxists in their attempt to silence dissent by unfounded and absurd threats lacking any substance. The truth must really hurt. I assume they prefer to call themselves “progressives” which is nothing more than a modern version of a Marxist.
At least Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont admits to being socialist and naturally caucuses with and votes with Democrats. I suspect that the political views of Kathryn Cauble and her ilk differ very little from those of Senator Sanders as well as Barack Obama.
If one is capable of logical thought and is willing to look at the facts it is very apparent that Obama is a Marxist. When he was growing up his idols were Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinski, both Communists. He sought out the most left wing radicals in college and launched his political career with Bill Ayers, a Marxist terrorist. He attended a church for nearly 20 years presided over by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This reverend trashed whites, especially Jewish people, condemned capitalism, insulted our country with words I can’t print in this paper and believed we deserved 9/11. Obama said that this man was his mentor and spiritual advisor. How could Obama be anything other than a Marxist? Please research this for yourself, there is plenty of video.
Furthermore, the Obama Administration has had many hardcore Communists. For example Van Jones was Obama’s choice for Green Czar and Anita Dunn was a White House communications director. Both of these people are great admirers of Mao, a Chinese Communist Party leader who murdered tens of millions of people in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.
Obama consistently exploits class envy, demonizes wealth, attacks our Second Amendment rights, pits one group of Americans against another, uses the IRS to punish conservatives, refuses border security and engages in a host of other un-American actions. The only hope this once great country has is to never let vile leftists silence voices of those who believe in the freedoms written in our Constitution.
Since the opinions of Kathryn Cauble and others of her ilk mean absolutely nothing to me, my family and those I care about, their diatribes in this paper are only good for a laugh.
George Clausen          

To the editor:
After reading Lloyd Jones’ article regarding tardiness at Kennett High, I feel that my position on the issue needs clarification. Kennett already has a procedure for dealing with tardiness. Students do in fact receive consequences. That is not changing. What is changing is the parent’s ability to write a note and excuse the student for being late. The decision to take a basic right away from a parent is what bothers me. Most parents use common sense when it comes to their children. They want them to succeed, to do well in school and become productive members of society. They also know what is best for their child. Children may be late for a wide variety of reasons and I believe that parents are the ones best equipped with a knowledge of the child and their individual circumstances to make the decision whether to excuse the lateness or not. At the school board meeting, the assistant principal said that it was “not the good kids” that were coming in late with parent excuses. This is an insult to the students, many of whom are on the honor roll, score highest on our standardized tests, are heading off to our nation’s top colleges. Not the “good kids?” Why? Because they had notes from their parents more than once per quarter?
The excessive number of tardies at the school is a concern. However, they are not across the board. We had 13,000 late arrivals and we had an average of about 840 kids at the school last year. If divided evenly, that would be 15 late arrivals per student for the whole year. But that is not the story. In reality, we had several students who were chronically late. When asked why this change in procedure was necessary, the assistant principal stated that one student had been late with parent excuses 75 times. I asked what the school did to intervene. The answer was “Nothing.” Therein lies the problem. Instead of addressing the issue with the parents of students who are chronically late, the school instead chose to take away the rights of all parents. In my opinion, such a blanket response is both unnecessary and inappropriate. A better approach would be to call parents, reach out and bring them in for a meeting. Find out what the problems are concerning their child. Develop a plan. This rush to punishment is an antiquated way of dealing with anything that is outside the traditional school rules and procedures. Many schools are moving away from a culture of punishing parents and students toward one which encourages parent participation in decision-making and engages them in the development of a more positive approach to school management. I feel that with this decision, Kennett High School is moving in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, only one other board member voted with me to keep the current procedures in place and preserve the ability of parents to make decisions regarding their children.
Syndi White, vice chairman
Conway School Board


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